Launch Events

First impressions are everlasting Out of the Box Thinking for Your Product Launch and Sales Promotions Whether you’re launching a product, a brand or a business, the basic principles are the same. You will only get one chance to create a powerful impact towards your target audience. with emotion and to send your important messages. Product launch events are essential to the existence of businesses, but are critical to a startup. it offers also the opportunity to involve and thank suppliers and staff for their contribution in recent times. The choice of location, date and style of venue for staging the event can make or break the entire product launch. The purpose of the event should determine the most appropriate venue. The three types of product launch events are consumer events, trade events and media events. There is no limit to what can be done. Call us to discuss your objectives and we will provide creative, impressive and cost effective solutions every time.

Themed Events

Event Management of Theme Parties are popular for people of all ages. When someone invites you to a party, you always ask “What’s the theme?” No one has ‘plain Jane’ events anymore where the guest are just expected to put on their Sunday best, eat appetizers and dance to boring music. Event planners caught on to the trend and now plan corporate and nonprofit parties with themes and according to the hottest trends. Business Meeting-congress Planning of meetings: “Meetings: the practical alternative to work.” But as far as event managers are concerned, a new definition is in order. Simply stated, a meeting is a gathering of individuals to achieve a common aim. In business meetings, leaders use oral communication, audiovisual productions, group discussions and other methods to accomplish corporate strategies. Idyllically, meetings spawn practical programs and marketable tactics. Realistically, meetings can be monotonous, time-sucking marathons of corporate hash. An event manager must dispel these negative notions and stimulate professionalism and creativity. The two premises behind meetings are teamwork and passion. Both give vitality and energy to a corporation. Without meetings, corporate vision is lost, and employees labor for a paycheck rather than a shared dream.

VIP & Celebrity Management

Event Management of VIP events which are an important marketing tool to increase and to maintain the loyality of key customers. Every company and organization has someone they consider a VIP. These people are often honored with VIP events. These people could be: The company’s top customer. We can support you in organizing high-profile and celebrity events. We offer a full event management service to the most prestigious events. We can organize parties on luxurious yachts in Bodrum and private birthday bashes in exclusive places and venues. We can supply everything from marquee hire, close protection, entertainment, audio/visual, intelligent projection, catering and staff for the event, along with all the resources of our sister companies and strategic partnerships. We are confident in our event management teams and work discretly, honestly and transparently to make things happen to the highest level possible without any hassle. If you are interested in putting on a high-profile event or need to book a celebrity for an event please contact us for further information.

Corporate Family Fun Days

Our corporate Family Fun Days are a wonderful way for your colleagues and family to meet, relax and share a day of fun together. Corporate Family FunDays are the ideal way to reward your hardworking staff and their families. We ensure that your Fun Day is planned precisely to meet all your requirements and budget.

Seminars- Workshops- Training

Event management of seminars and educational events. Who says learning ends outside the classroom? A popular source of academic, professional or technical instruction, seminars present information to diverse audiences. These tutorials may be private or public, series or single, commercial or informative, lecture- or dialogue-based. They are less formal than academic lectures, allowing audience members to interject opinions or discuss results. In today’s information-saturated marketplace, successful business persons are expected to learn new information quickly. 50-year-long careers are antiquated relics; mobile young professionals, equipped with powerful research skills and inter-career interests, swell the employment ranks. Seminars are a prime venue for dispersing important expertise in a condensed form.

Team Building- Motivational Training Events

Event Management of team building events that develop and motivate teams in companies and corporations. Team building events are perfect for companies and their divisions to motivate their employees and to develop real teams. Team Building Events Corporations have been using team building exercises for employee motivation for many years. What are some of the advantages?
These exercises build trust
If you are scaling a wall and you are dependent on your team members to steady you, you learn quickly if they are trustworthy. In most team building exercises, you have to know that you can depend on others.
These exercises build relationships
Most days employees sit in an office or work in a manufacturing plant and may have little time to get to know each other. During these team building exercises, they can chat about their lives. Most of these events begin with the participants telling more about themselves.
The experience builds morale
Most employees enjoy the day out of the office and enjoy the activities. They return to work excited about their participation and share stories from the event with others.
Team building increases productivity
An energized, excited work force gets the job done. This is opposed to a work force that hates their job and has very little faith in the company or their colleagues.
Planning a successful team building exercise requires planning and consideration of the employees’ physical abilities and interests.

Company Party

We offer a professional corporate event service managing and producing a unique party for your business which will dazzle and entertain employees and clients. We can organise suitable party venues, provide top quality entertainment, first class catering and stylish decor. Is your company thinking of holding an office party? Have you got all your invitations sent out? Selected the venue, the entertainment and the food? Will the event be indoors or outdoors? What happens if it rains or the entertainment gets stuck in traffic. When planning an event there are a lot of things to take into consideration and a lot of things that could go wrong, which could leave you with a huge burden and the end of the day,than the organised professional you had hoped to appear as. Whether you are looking for someone to arrange an entire event or you just need in house support, we will work to select a company that meets your needs. Our companies can assist with a range of events including: Incite Event’s Bodrum brings the perfect corporate party / event setup for your next Company party, and manages according to your desire budget. • Conferences • Award ceremonies • Corporate hospitality • Charity events • Award Ceremony • Brand Opening • Anniversaries • End of season party • Family Fun day • Retirement party employee • And more…

Corporate Retreats

Event Management of executive retreats and the question "What is a successful executive retreat"? It is a paid-in-full escape from hectic work schedules, mundane daily routines and banal financial statements. Its mission is ingenuity and its charge is imagination. What is a successful event manager? A person who keeps the first list from filtering into the second. Executive retreats are, in theory, getaways from prosaic business meetings and unendurable seminars. Retreats should stimulate free thinking and creativity. A successful retreat should balance relaxation and entertainment with solution. Without corporate retreats, you are like a football team that never huddles, never practices, never plans and does not hold training camps.

Charity Events

Unique fundraising ideas can be the key in stirring up interest and enthusiasm for your organization’s needs. If you are looking to raise money for your club or charity, fundraiser parties are a great way to bring a large group of people together and spread your message about the project you are trying to accomplish. You can plan a great party that will be on everybody’s minds for months to come and keep the discussion going about your cause. Contact us in order to help you create your own fundraising party ideas.

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